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Making a Family Claim for Delayed Flight Compensation is Quick and Easy | FairPlane UK image

Most people don’t go on holiday on their own so when your flight is seriously delayed or cancelled, it is not just you but your whole family who is affected. It is not easy travelling with children at the best of times but if you have to spend unscheduled hours at the airport, the start or end of your holiday can turn into a nightmare.

The good news is that all family members apart from babies travelling on their parents’ laps are entitled to make a claim for delayed flight compensation if their holiday flight is delayed for 3 hours or more or cancelled. Even better, the delayed flight compensation sum payable for children is exactly the same as for adults i.e. up to €600 [around £500] per passenger!

Making the flight delay compensation claim for a family is very easy on the FairPlane UK Website. All you need to do is enter the fight number and date, confirm some details about the delay including any reasons given to you then enter your contact details. You can add family members easily by clicking the ‘Add Passenger’ button. You don’t need to enter the flight details again.

Once all of the other passengers including children have been entered, simply submit the claim and we will do the rest!
It may be a pain to suffer a significant flight delay but up to €600 per passenger [around £500] in flight delay compensation can help to ease the stress. For a family of 5 that’s around £2,500!

Make your family’s claim for flight delay compensation today.

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