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Travel insurance will not cover Ryanair 'knock-on' losses | FairPlane UK image
BBC investigation finds that none of the standard travel insurance policies sold by the major firms will cover Ryanair passengers for so called 'knock-on losses'.
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Pilots wanted | FairPlane UK image
125 new pilots will be hired by Ryanair in an effort to offset disruption caused by mass flight cancellations
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A summer of flight delays | FairPlane UK image
More than £145 million paid out in flight delay compensation to passengers during summer 2017.
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Ryanair counting the cost of flight cancellations | FairPlane UK image
Ryanair may have a bill for around £47M to settle following flight cancellations.
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Flight compensation available as Ryanair cancels flights | FairPlane UK image
Budget airline ryanair will cancel 40 to 50 flights every day for the next six weeks.
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