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Minister demands compensation for Ryanair passengers | FairPlane UK image
Aviation minister Lord Callanan insists Ryanair compensate thousands of passengers left stranded as a result of flight cancellations.
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High winds lead to flight delays and cancellations | FairPlane UK image
More than 10,000 airline passengers miss flights as a result of the storms across Northern Europe.
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EasyJet flight has a sting in the tail | FairPlane UK image
You've presumably heard of the movie Snakes on a Plane? Well, passengers on board a EasyJet flight EZY6883 from Paris to Glasgow fond themselves staring in the sequel Scorpions on a Plane this week.
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EasyJet aren't playing fair | FairPlane UK image
Something however seems to have changed, especially when it comes to claims for flight delay compensation. Explanations for the delays often make little or no sense and it's been widely reported that the reasons passengers are given for the delay
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All flight delay compensation companies are not the same | FairPlane UK image
The Guardian reported this week that a gentleman who had been looking for help with his flight delay compensation claim had ended up with no compensation and a bill for services from the company for £400.
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