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No flight compensation for 'Bird strike' delays | FairPlane UK image
Airline passengers expecting to be able to make claims for flight delay compensation following �??bird strikes�?? have been left disappointed following the latest ruling from the European Court of Justice.
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Stanstead zombie apocalypse | FairPlane UK image
It's not often we hear the phrase 'zombie apocalypse' mentioned in connection with flight claims, but that was the headline in todays Mail Online.
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Couple forced off easyJet flight | FairPlane UK image
British couple asked to leave easyJet aircraft shortyl after boarding by staff as the plane had been overbooked.
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easyJet call to misled passengers | FairPlane UK image
easyJet invite passengers who believe that they may have been misled by staff to come forward following overbooking incident.
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Oh no...you're on an overbooked flight | FairPlane UK image
What should you do when you're on an overbooked flight?
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