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Flight delay compensation: The worst offending airlines | FairPlane UK image
EasyJet were the “worst offenders” in 2016 when it came to complaints of delayed and cancelled flights and claims for flight delay compensation according to recent research. The budget airline replaced the previous worst offender, Thomas Cook, who held the unwanted title in 2015 EasyJet...
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Falling pound means higher flight delay compensation | FairPlane UK image
Teresa May looks likely to be announcing that the UK will be pursuing a ‘Hard Brexit’ strategy in the Government’s negotiations with the EU. This means, the UK is expected to leave not only the EU but also the European Single Market. As a result, the Pound has fallen steeply against...
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Flights cancelled ahead of expected arctic weather. Could you claim flight delay compensation? image
With snow and sleet expected to start falling on London this afternoon, Heathrow have cancelled more than 80 flights. As the snow starts to fall, ground teams will be put to work removing snow from the runways. NATS, the air traffic service, have restricted arrivals to allow the work to go ahead....
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Can you claim flight delay compensation as a result of the BA strike? | FairPlane UK image
BA’s “mixed-fleet” cabin crew began a 48 hour strike at midnight on Tuesday (10th Jan 2017) arguing that they are unfairly paid less than other BA cabin crew. “Mixed-fleet” cabin crew make up around 15% of the airlines stewards. The Unite union said that all mixed fleet...
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You may have a claim for flight delay compensation if you flew from these airports over Christmas image
Christmas is traditionally a busy time for UK airports, with people leaving these chilly shores looking for some winter sun or for the opportunity to reunite with friends and family members to celebrate the holidays. However, there was a 1 in 5 chance that your travel plans didn’t run quite as...
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Flight delays and cancellations after fog hits UK airports | FairPlane UK image
Flight delays: Do you have a claim for flight delay compensation? Heathrow, Gatwick, Southampton and Cardiff were just some of the UK airports affected last month by freezing weather and fog. Dozens of flights were either delayed or cancelled leaving passengers hoping for some winter sun short...
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