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China's Airports Have the Worst Flight Delays in the World | FairPlane UK image
It has been revealed that the worst airports in the world for on-time departures and arrivals are in China. Of the 35 busiest airports in the world, Beijing airport comes last for flight delays and Shanghai second last. In 2013, Beijing Airport had only 18% of its flights leaving on time and Shanghai...
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Extraordinary circumstances defences in flight delay compensation claims | FairPlane UK image
Ok, so your plane was late by 4 hours and you've submitted your claim for flight delay compensation. Is that it? Are you guaranteed to receive compensation for the flight delay? The answer is, It depends on the reason for the flight delay. In essence, delays to flights that are within the control...
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The fight for the UK's next runway between Heathrow and Gatwick heats up | FairPlane UK image
Both Gatwick and Heathrow have reported record passenger numbers for the month of June. Gatwick have reported an increase of 5% - 3.8 million passengers and Heathrow stated that they handled 6.68 million passengers – 1.1% more than June 2014. According to both airports this further supports...
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Don't Rely on Your Travel Insurance | FairPlane UK image
The latest trend for airlines’ excuses for not paying out delayed flight compensation as required by EU law is a good one. Many airlines are now telling passengers who have been delayed or have had their flight cancelled that the correct way of getting any compensation for a late flight is to claim...
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Hackers who spotted security holes in United Airlines website, rewarded | FairPlane UK image
This follows hot on the heels of a situation recently where United Airlines grounded all of its domestic flights after an issue reportedly to be with faulty flight plans being uploaded to pilots. It was reported that flight delays affected 235 US destinations and 138 international. The airline also...
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Can you claim flight delay compensation because of global warming? | FairPlane UK image
Researchers have found that an increase in journey times from East to West for long-haul flights can be linked to variances in the jet stream (which is a high altitude current of air that moves around the planets Northern Hemisphere from West to East). According to the research this can now be seen...
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