NEWS: Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) : Unfortunately we are unable to take claims for compensation where airlines have cancelled flights due to the Coronavirus.
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Can you claim flight delay compensation because of global warming? | FairPlane UK image
Researchers have found that an increase in journey times from East to West for long-haul flights can be linked to variances in the jet stream (which is a high altitude current of air that moves around the planets Northern Hemisphere from West to East). According to the research this can now be seen...
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Bird Strikes on Aircraft - are they dangerous and can flight delay compensation be claimed? image
In 2013 the Civil Aviation Authority had 1,535 reports of birds ending up in plane engines, however, most bird strikes do not result in any aircraft damage They happen the most at take off, landing or flying at low altitude – 90% of which at or near airports. The impact depends very much on...
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A Bang on the Nose | FairPlane UK image
One thing I hadn’t realised about the EU delayed flight compensation legislation is that, in the UK, it applies to any late flights or cancelled flights in the last 6 years! 4 years ago I was flying back from Dalaman in Turkey to Stansted with Thomsons Airline on a business trip. All was going...
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Flight delays at Heathrow as protesters demonstrate on the north runway | FairPlane UK image
13 demonstrators from climate change activist group 'Plane Stupid' who are opposed to the airport's expansion plans, breached a perimeter fence and got on to the northern runway at 03:30 BST. They then locked themselves together and staged a lie-in demonstration in protest at the airport expansion. The...
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Will a third runway at Heathrow lead to more flight delays? | FairPlane UK image
The addition of a 3rd runway at Heathrow has now been recommended by the Davies Commission. It has also been confirmed it would mean the construction of a sixth terminal. In total, flights out of Heathrow would increase from the current 480,000 per year to around 740,000. Additionally, the airport has...
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A long delay in the airport left this family seeking flight delay compensation | FairPlane UK image
In March 2010 Mr Gilbert and his wife and son aged 3 jetted off on a family holiday to Turkey. The outward journey went smoothly and the family enjoyed their holiday. The flight back however, was less than impressive. The family were booked on a flight with Thomson Airlines, leaving Turkey at 10pm....
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