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British Airways "Journey From Hell" image
British Airways passengers have suffered a nightmare 77 hour journey from Florida to London following a technical fault to a plane.
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Airlines don't tell the truth about flight delays, says air traffic controller image
Blaming air traffic controllers for flight delays is a common reason used by airlines to try and avoiding paying flight delay compensation, but this is often far from the true picture according to one air traffic controllers who spoke out this week.
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Stop the plane, I want to get on! image
An Irishman hoping to fly from Dublin Airport to Amsterdam was charged today with criminal damage to plane he was attempting to board.
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Heatwave leads to fall in travel companies' profits image
Weeks of hot weather across the UK has left travel company Thomas Cook with a hole in its profit forecast as holiday makers chose to stay put rather than travel abroad.
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Millions face delays and cancellations following Ryanair strike announcement image
Cabin crew from the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Portugal have now committed to support a strike, with Unions already predicting that company workers from other countries will also join them.
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Airlines 'move the goalposts' to avoid paying flight compensation image
Consumer champions Which? claim that many airlines are adding up to 30 minutes to estimated journey times in an effort to give the impression that the number of delays are being reduced.
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