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Good question. There are a number of reasons why only a small percentage of passengers claim delayed flight compensation. Here are our thoughts:
1. Many passengers are simply unaware that they can claim if their flight is delayed or cancelled. Reports from Which? And FairPlane UK advertising help to educate holidaymakers but statistics show that only 38% of people actually make a delayed flight compensation claim.

2. Airlines are very good at rejecting claims made by individual passengers. You are able to make claims for delayed flight compensation direct to the airline concerned but most airlines will try to fob off the claims with various excuses such as ‘there was a technical issue which is a permitted exceptional circumstance’. Passengers are not experts in this area of law and so they often give up at this stage. In fact, ‘technical difficulties’ is a catch-all reason often given but actually it is NOT an allowable excuse for a flight delay or cancellation.

3. People are often worried about contacting specialist firms such as Fairplane UK Limited as they believe it will cost them money to make a flight delay compensation claim. They do not want to run up large legal bills in pursuing the airline for flight delay compensation. This is not actually the case at all. We do not charge a penny if we fail to get you your cancelled flight or delayed flight compensation. We only charge if we are successful and then just 25% + VAT of the amount we recover plus the cost of an insurance policy. You are left with over 70% of the delayed flight claim which we send directly to your bank account.

4. Not only are people worried about legal costs, they are also worried that they will have to spend a lot of their time in corresponding with us or may even have to go to court! The good news is, the only thing passengers have to do is upload a proof of the delayed flight. This can be an email confirmation of the booking, a boarding pass or even a screen shot of an e-ticket. Once we have this, there is nothing else we need from anyone making a claim for flight delay compensation. This is because we already have the flight data. Sometimes we have to issue legal proceedings against the airline in order to enforce your right to flight delay compensation but again, this does not involve us having to contact passengers and you would never need to go to court. The reason for this is any court proceedings involve just legal arguments. There is no issue about the flight itself – it was either delayed or not!

5. The final reason that people are put off from claiming flight delay compensation is they think it will take months to get their money. This is also wrong. We have built relationships with airlines through our procedures to ensure we obtain the compensation for you as quickly as possible. This is often just a matter of a few weeks but can be as quick as 14 days! Some claims for flight delay compensation are disputed by the airlines and these can take longer but never more than 3 or 4 months.

So you see, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be making a claim for flight delay compensation. It is easy, involves little of your time, won’t cost you a penny unless we are successful and the money could be in your account within 14 days! Try us, thousands have.

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