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£1.5 Billion Flight Delay Compensation Goes Unclaimed | FairPlane UK / 09.02.2016

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£1.5 Billion Flight Delay Compensation Goes Unclaimed | FairPlane UK image

A few weeks ago, everyone got very excited about an unclaimed lottery ticket worth a mere £33 million. There were all sorts of people claiming for tickets lost, stolen or put through the washing machine by mistake.

However, that lottery ticket pails into insignificance when compared with the whopping £1.5 billion which is due to passengers who were delayed on European flights in the last 6 years. Under EU regulations, if your flight is delayed by 3 hours or more or cancelled, unless there is a good reason for the delay e.g. bad weather, each passenger is able to claim up to €600 in flight compensation. Under UK law, you are able to go back up to 6 years. With 900,000 valid claims  available each year and just 100,000 of those passengers making a claim, there are 800,000 people out there each and every year literally throwing away up to €600 in compensation.

Airlines are keeping quiet about this. There are no adverts for these payments and little information at the airport unless you ask.

So have you won the flight delay compensation lottery? Why not take 1 minute to check. Our claims calculator can tell you how much you could be owed in 60 seconds.

Don't let the airlines and their shareholders keep this money. It is yours by law so make sure you check to see if you are owed compensation for a flight delay.

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