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3M passengers eligible for flight compensation each year | FairPlane UK / 02.07.2015

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1.5% of flights into and out of the UK are delayed for longer than 3 hours, according to information from the European Commission.?Consequently, flight delay data tells us that 3.27 million passengers each year may have a potential claim.? With an average claim of €430 per passenger, this equates to €1.4 billion each year?in compensation for?passengers that have experienced delays of more than 3 hours.

Although many people will be surprised by these figures, the European regulation governing compensation was brought in 10 years ago with the intention that passengers would easily be able to claim compensation themselves.? Unfortunately, since that time, the airlines have?taken whatever measures are available to them?to avoid paying passengers the compensation that they are rightfully entitled to, whether the flight has been delayed, cancelled or if they have been denied boarding.

Fortunately, a number of claims have now been taken through to a successful conclusion by lawyers using the court system.? Clear judicial decisions have been made which means that airlines are now paying compensation to passengers for claims that they have refused in the past.

If you think you may have a claim, put your flight details into one of the compensation calculators on this websites. Our in-house lawyers have the legal expertise to take on the airlines and win if your claim meets all the requirements of the legislation.? It won’t cost you a penny if the claim is not successful,? so you have nothing to lose.

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