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615 Passengers on One Flight! | FairPlane UK / 13.11.2015

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615 Passengers on One Flight! | FairPlane UK image

Emirates have revealed their new Airbus A380 plane with a world record 615 seats for passengers.

They have removed the first class section which has allowed them to cram in an incredible 557 economy and 58 business class passengers. Don't worry about those poor business passengers though, they still get their own bar area serving champagne and canapes!

Despite the huge passenger numbers, the arrangement of seats has not resulted in any loss of leg room for the economy passengers. Each passenger will still get a TV showing movies and will have access to on-board games.

Flight delays won't occur due to the difficulty of getting passengers on board either with 3 doors for boarding bridges rather than the normal 1 for most aircraft. If there is a flight delay due to some other reason though, the increased aircraft capacity will cost Emirates dear. With 615 passengers entitled to a long-haul compensation sum of €600, one delayed flight could cost the airline a whopping €369,000!

Have you been on-board an A380? Tell us what you think about the world's largest passenger jet.

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