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Flybe Isn't Having a Good Day | FairPlane UK / 23.02.2017

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Flybe Isn't Having a Good Day | FairPlane UK image

Two technical faults in one day for Flybe planes today.

First, flight number BE783 from Glasgow to Birmingham had to return to Glasgow airport mid-flight after a technical fault forced the pilot to shut down one engine. The plane was met by emergency vehicles on arrival at Glasgow airport.

Then, a Flybe flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam suffered a collapsed landing gear on arrival at Schiphol Airport. Flight BE1284 ended up leaning on one side with its right wing scraping the runway. The incident happened at 4pm UK time.

No one was injured in either incident although passengers suffered flight delays as a result.

Were you on-board flight BE783 from Glasgow or BE1284 from Edinburgh? We would like to hear from you.

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