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A Bang on the Nose | FairPlane UK / 16.07.2015

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A Bang on the Nose | FairPlane UK image

One thing I hadn’t realised about the EU delayed flight compensation legislation is that, in the UK, it applies to any late flights or cancelled flights in the last 6 years!

4 years ago I was flying back from Dalaman in Turkey to Stansted with Thomsons Airline on a business trip. All was going well and we were about to get on the plane when an announcement was made that there was a problem. After some probing, passengers were informed that the ‘tug’ which pushes back the plane had collided with the front wheel of the plane and damaged it. There was no spare plane so it had to be fixed. Problem was, Thomsons don’t stock those sort of parts so it had to be flown in - Cue a 6 hour delay!

I am now making a claim for delayed flight compensation from Thomsons. Although the problem wasn’t their fault, legally I can claim delayed flight compensation from them, and they can then recover the delayed flight compensation they have paid out from the company operating the airport ‘tug’. Six hours waiting in an airport isn’t fun but at least I now have around ?300 delayed flight compensation to spend!

If you’ve had a problem with a delayed flight and you think you may be entitled to flight delay compensation, why not try putting your flight details into our compensation calculator. It only takes a minute and you may be entitled to compensation of up to €600.

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