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A Stronger Euro means Even More Flight Delay Compensation! | FairPlane UK image

Your claim for flight delay compensation is now worth even more

With the pound weakening due to fears of the UK exiting the EU, now is the time to dig out all of those old delayed flights as the €600 maximum flight delay compensation amount is now worth even more!

Most people are unaware that you have 6 years to make a claim so even if your delayed flight is years ago, it is worth checking with us to see if you are entitled to hundreds of pounds in flight delay compensation.

We have sophisticated systems in place which allow us to quickly identify your flight, even from just a date and airports visited. We can also let you know the amount of flight delay compensation you could be entitled to straight away.

It is easy to make a claim - we do all of the work for you and, better still, there is no risk at all! You never have to pay us anything unless we get the flight delay compensation for you - and then it is just a small percentage of your compensation.

Children can also claim, so if you are in a family group, the flight delay compensation amount can quickly add up.

Your flight delay compensation could pay for your next holiday

Don't delay. The money you get for your delayed or cancelled flight could be enough to book your next holiday away. Call us on 0203 074 1100 now. It will only take 5 minutes.

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