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British Airways

British Airways passengers have suffered a nightmare 77 hour journey from Florida to London following a technical fault to a plane.

Flight BA2036 was due to take off from Orlando at 19.25 on Thursday 1st November but the plane was initially delayed for 4 hours due to a technical fault. The delay then turned into an all night stay in a local hotel. The fault was eventually fixed over a day later.

The flight finally left Orlando at 1am on Saturday but then 40 minutes into the flight the Captain announced that the original problem had resurfaced and so they had to divert to New York JFK. The plane had to dump fuel and fly around for 1.5 hours until it was light enough to land which caused a lot of worry for passengers on board.

When they arrived at JFK, there were few staff on duty and there was nothing to eat. There was the New York Marathon on and so there weren’t any hotels available. Everyone had to sleep on the floor of the terminal including children and even a cancer patient.

British Airways finally sent a replacement plane which meant they eventually left for London on Saturday evening – arriving back at Gatwick on Sunday morning – 77 hours later than scheduled.

Many families had made the ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to visit Disneyland but said that the airline had ruined their holiday.

Each passenger should now be able to claim €600 in compensation plus expenses such as hotels and additional car parking at Gatwick. This will go a little way to ease the pain of such a traumatic journey back to the UK.

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