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Are you flying over the Christmas period? Here are some top tips to ensure you don’t get caught out at the airport.

  1. Keep receipts for the contents of your luggage if you can. No doubt you will be taking presents with you so make sure you keep receipts. This is so that you can claim the cost of the items if you bag gets lost – which happens a lot!
  2. Take a photo of the contents of your luggage. This will help you to remember what was in there and prove what you had if your bag is lost by the airline. Line up the items and take a few pictures. It will only take a couple of minutes but could save you hundreds of pounds.
  3. Keep your boarding pass. Under the EU regulations, you have to produce a proof of your ticket if your flight is cancelled or delayed. The best thing is the boarding pass as this shows you checked in on time etc.
  4. Check the time the doors opened when you landed. Often people think it is the delay in the plane taking off which counts – this is incorrect. The key time is the doors opening once the plane has come to a halt. You can now video this or you can take a photo. If the doors are opened more than 3 hours later than the scheduled time for your flight then you might be due compensation.
  5. Spread the word. If you are delayed at Christmas then it can ruin not only your trip but all of the other people on the flight. Why not tell them about flight delay compensation? If you gather their names and email addresses and get their permission to pass them on, we will pay you a £20 commission for any successful claims we make as a result! With over 200 people on each flight, you could be in line for up to £4000 in commission – plus the compensation for your own flight of course! We are sure your fellow passengers will be very grateful to be compensation as well.
  6. Don’t accept what the airline tell you. We often speak with clients who are told that their flight was delayed or cancelled for a reason which later turns out to be incorrect. It is important that you have someone check the airline’s claims for you – it may be that you are entitled to compensation despite being told otherwise.
  7. Above all else, don’t let them spoil your break. If you are delayed, contact us and we will then take over – you don’t have to do anything. You can relax whilst we work to get you the compensation you deserve. We might even be able to get it for you before your holiday ends – we can’t guarantee this, but it has happened!

Merry Christmas from everyone at FairPlane UK.

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