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If you were affected by the flight delays and cancellations at Heathrow and Gatwick over the bank holiday weekend, we hope you’ve been able to claim the compensation to which you are entitled.

The major IT failure caused huge disruption, leaving many without their luggage long after the flight schedule had returned to normal.

Compensation for delay and cancelled flights

The amount of compensation that you are entitled to depends on the length and reason for the delay and the length of your flight. You could be entitled to claim up to €600 (£520) in compensation.

You can use the claim calculator on this website to find out if you have a valid claim and how much it might be worth. You only have to provide a few details about your flight.

Denied Boarding Regulation

As well as the right to compensation, you are also entitled to meals, refreshments, phone calls and emails whilst at the airport as long as the following conditions apply:

  • A flight less than 932 miles is delayed for at least two hours or you arrive at your destination at least two hours late
  • A flight within the EU that is more than 932 miles is delayed by at least three hours or you arrive at your destination at least three hours late
  • A flight that isn’t within the EU but is between 932 and 2,174 miles is delayed for at least three hours
  • Any other flight is delayed for at least three hours.

Providing you meet the criteria for one of the above categories, you are entitled to:

  • Two free phone calls, faxes or emails
  • Free meals and refreshments appropriate to the delay
  • Free hotel accommodation and hotel transfers if an overnight stay is required
  • The choice between being rerouted or reimbursed in the same manner as if your flight had been cancelled, if your delay is more than five hours.

Costs incurred at the airport

If you didn’t receive any of the above entitlements for free and ended up spending some of your own money whilst waiting at the airport, you can claim back ‘reasonable costs’.

  • Hold on to receipts for costs that you incurred and contact BA’s customer services to make a claim.
  • Travellers who require an overnight stay in a hotel can claim up to £200 (based on two people sharing) according to BA. £50 for transport is also available to cover costs incurred travelling between the hotel and airport.
  • £25 a day is available per adult for meals and refreshments

Missing luggage

The BA IT failure led to many thousands of passengers arriving at their destinations without their luggage.

If you’re one of the of unlucky ones waiting for BA to track down your missing possessions, keep receipts for any essentials that you require in the short terms and claim these ‘reasonable costs’ back from BA.

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