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Claim Settled 6 Years After Delayed Flight! | FairPlane UK / 01.02.2016

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Claim Settled 6 Years After Delayed Flight! | FairPlane UK image

We recently received 4 claims for flight delay compensation from a family who were delayed flying with Thomas Cook from Torino to Manchester on 21st February 2010.

Our eagle eyed senior claims handler Sarah quickly spotted that the 6 year limitation period for the claims would be up in 3 weeks so she emailed our contact in the legal team at Thomas Cook. She explained we would be issuing legal proceedings to protect our clients' position but we would give them the opportunity to reply by return.

They replied today with settlement offers on all of the claims, thereby avoiding proceedings.

The claims were received on 19th January so an incredibly fast 13 days from start to finish!

Not bad.

So the moral of the story, if you remember from years ago that you had a delayed flight, check with us if you can claim. You may get the flight compensation you are owed very quickly indeed.

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