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Do you find flight delays frustrating? | FairPlane UK / 10.11.2016

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Do you find flight delays frustrating? | FairPlane UK image

‘Avoid the chaos of the terminal - a little calm, a little luxury’

This is how the Post Office is pitching its latest addition to its travel insurance services.

They have become the first high street insurance provider to offer “flight delay assistance” as part of its travel insurance offering. The service will offer those passengers who have been delayed by more than 2 hours, access to more than 650 lounges in over 300 airports. A variety of amenities and services will be on offer whilst passengers wait for their flight.

The service works by sending delayed passengers an access code via text or email once their flight has been officially delayed by two hours. Passengers need to register for the service as least 24 hrs before their flights planned departure date and time.

The Post Office say that this new initiative comes in response to feedback from existing customers and is part of their ongoing effort to ensure their insurance products meet the changing needs of their clients.

You can find out more about the service on the Post Offices website -

Compensation for flight delays

If your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, you may be able to claim flight delay compensation.

If you find that your stay in the airport lounge has gone on for longer than 3 hours, why not take a look at our claim calculator and see if you’re eligible to claim flight delay compensation. It only takes a minute!

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