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Don't Rely on Your Travel Insurance | FairPlane UK / 20.07.2015

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The latest trend for airlines’ excuses for not paying out delayed flight compensation as required by EU law is a good one. Many airlines are now telling passengers who have been delayed or have had their flight cancelled that the correct way of getting any compensation for a late flight is to claim from their travel insurance policies. This is also a common view of travel agents who should know that legally, airlines are responsible for paying up to €600 compensation when a flight is late or cancelled.

Most travel insurance policies will indeed provide compensation where you are delayed going out or returning from a holiday but the sums are very small. One such policy from HSBC stated it would pay just €50 if you were delayed for over 12 hours and the payment was limited to 2 persons even if a family of 5 were travelling! So that’s just €100 or €20 per person for a 12 hour delay.

Compare this to the legal entitlement to flight delay compensation of up to €3,000 for the same family of 5 under the EU regulations.

And guess what? You can actually claim both! The reason is, you paid the premium for the travel insurance so you are allowed to claim on the policy. The EU flight compensation is entirely separate and in addition to any travel insurance claim.

So don’t listen to the airlines. Make sure you claim your late flight compensation and don’t be fobbed off.

If you’ve had a problem with a delayed flight and you think you may be entitled to flight compensation, why not try putting your flight details into our compensation calculator. It only takes a minute and you may be entitled to compensation of up to €600.


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