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A relief flight from the Greek island of Zante to London Gatwick was cancelled on Sunday leaving passengers stranded for two days.

You might not think that there was anything particularly unusual about that, but it was the specific reason for the delay that has caught the attention of the worlds press.

The beaches of Zante are where the endangered Loggerhead turtles nest and a night flight curfew has been put in place to avoid disturbing the creatures.

A spokesperson for easyJet explained that engineers had been dispatched to Zante to fix the technical problems suffered by the original aircraft, however the problem occurred before boarding leading for the need to consider a relief flight.

However, easyJet were unable to secure the replacement aircraft due to the night curfew rule at the airport.

Around a quarter of the delayed easyJet passengers made it home on Monday after being offered seats on alternative flights, but the rest were stranded until Tuesday.

Angry passengers took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with easyJets failure to provide adequate communication on the problems.

A spokeswoman for easyJet eventually made a statement stating that all passengers have now been provided with hotel accommodation and expenses in line with EU regulations and will also be entitled to claim compensation following their return to the UK.

Named after their large heads, adult males regularly grow to one metre in length and commonly live beyond 50 years. Pollution and accidental injury caused by trawling are two of the reasons thought to account for their falling population.

Female loggerheads are famed for returning to lay their own eggs on the same beaches where they themselves were hatched, sometimes travelling thousands of miles in the process to do so.

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