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EasyJet Don't Make It Easy To Get Flight Compensation | FairPlane UK / 29.01.2016

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EasyJet Don't Make It Easy To Get Flight Compensation | FairPlane UK image

easyJet have just announced a major achievement. With a fanfare they have issued press releases confirming they have flown their 45 Millionth passenger. Da da da da daa da da!

Wonderful. Well done them. What a fantastic service they provide to their customers.

Claiming flight delay compensation from easyJet

Or do they? When something goes wrong and passengers don't arrive at their destination in a reasonable time, what happens? Well, easyJet makes it as hard a possible for passengers to make a claim for flight delay compensation. First, their website makes little reference to compensation. Under questions 'My flight has been delayed more than 3 hours' there is no reference to claiming compensation, just that passengers are entitled to refreshments. The compensation is referred to in a form with the obscure title: 'EU261 Compensation'. Not exactly helpful is it?

If you get that far, there is a form to fill in then a promised 7 day response time. Problem is, our clients tell us easyJet don't reply. In fact, our experience is they often fail to reply to our solicitor letters, nor to Court proceedings and have even failed to reply to Court Judgements we have obtained against them!

Is this a deliberate ploy or incompetence? Does their CEO know that there are outstanding County Court judgements against them? Does their CEO realise we have even had to instruct Bailiffs to get them to pay a legitimate flight compensation claim?

We would be interested to receive answers to these questions. The lack of response from easyJet flies in the face (no pun intended) of their claim to be such a caring airline. easyJet, if you are listening, give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

If you're having a problem claiming the compensation you are owed by easyJet, why not get in touch. You can find out straight away if you have a potentially valid claim by just providing us with a few details about your flight using our Flight Delay Claim Form.

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