Bad weather leads to Belfast man suffering 60 hour easyJet flight delay / 02.05.2018

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Belfast man John McMaster has commenced legal action against budget airline easyJet following a flight delay that led to a 60 hour long ordeal.

John, who suffers from a are from of arthritis, had been visiting a friend in Bristol and had been due to return to Belfast after a weekend away.

On the morning of his flight he was informed by easyJet that there would be delay to his flight because of bad weather.

Of course a flight delay is always annoying, but John was left in pain and struggling to cope for three days as a result.

He was advised to travel to the airport and wait until the bad weather cleared up and eventually, after a few hours, flights started arriving and leaving the airport.

Much to John’s disappointment, he then received a message saying that his flight had been cancelled and the next easyject flight from Bristol to Dublin, wouldn’t be for another three days.

As someone who needs to take regular medication for his condition, he was only too aware that this was going to be quite a significant problem for him.

Not only had he packed just enough medication for the weekend, he was also running very low on cash.

easyJet did step in and organise a hotel for the first night, but after finding that hotel had no available rooms for the following two nights, John had to make a number of calls to easyJet asking them to find him somewhere else to stay.

easyJet finally organised alternative accommodation, but John was left to his own devices regarding his own travel arrangements for him and his luggage.

For the next two days, he found himself more or less trapped in his hotel room without medication or money and in a considerable amount of pain.

John’s legal action focuses on the fact that despite their legal obligation to do so, easyJet never offered to book him a seat with an alternative airline from a different airport and instead maintained that he would have to wait for three days until their next scheduled flight.

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