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easyJet not so easy going, when it comes to paying flight delay compensation / 26.01.2017

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A question we’re commonly asked at FairPlane is “..but can’t I make a claim for flight delay compensation myself?”.

Well in the news this week we came across a story that might give you an insight into why so many passengers with potential claims choose to come to us rather than trying to progress a claim themselves.

An English couple were booked on an easyJet flight back to the UK from Brindisi in Italy. For some reason their flight was delayed, during which time the plane was switched for another. Just as passengers were preparing to board the new aircraft, EasyJet staff made a request that 4 volunteers would come forward and offer to take a later flight. Presumably the new aircraft was smaller than the original one.

Our couple, having agreed (along with two other individuals) to disembark and catch a later flight, were promised by EasyJet staff that they would receive hotel expenses and €300 by way of compensation.

The couple left the plane to applause from their fellow passengers who could now continue with their journeys.

Now, can you guess what happened next…or should I say, didn’t happen?

The couple had been promised that the money would be in their account within two weeks. It didn’t arrive.

The couple were then told by easyJet customer services that they had to make a claim online for the money. They did so, but pointed out quite rightly that this was something that should have been made clear to them at the outset.

easyJet flight delay compensation

So did easyJet customer services then swing into action and pay the couple what they were owed? No. The couple then spent the next three months trying to resolve the issue with EasyJet, only to be repeatedly stalled at every turn.

The couple did eventually receive their compensation, perhaps in no small part to the bad publicity this story was generating for EasyJet.

So when people ask us if they can make a claim for compensation themselves, we say “of course you can”, but there’s a great weight of evidence that suggests that your enquiry may either move through the system at a snail’s pace, be denied (even though it may be a valid claim), or just simply ignored.

Making a claim with easyJet

When it comes to helping our clients to claim the flight delay compensation they are owed, we are happy deal with all of the airlines. Of course, as you might expect, some are more willing to accept the blame for a delay or cancellation and pay the compensation they owe than others are. Take a look at the EasyJet flight delay compensation claims page of this website to read about our experiences of dealing with this UK airline.

If you’d rather avoid the time, effort and stress required to make a claim for flight delay compensation yourself, we’re here to help! You can find out in minutes if you potentially have a claim and how much it might be worth by putting your flight details into our claim calculator on this website or giving one of our friendly staff a call on 0203 074 1100.

This story first appeared in the Guardian: Tuesday 24 January 2017 07.00 - GMT -

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