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135 easyjet passengers stranded in Jersey for 3 days! / 01.08.2019

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Passengers due to depart on flight number EZY6474 from Jersey to Newcastle on Tuesday have been left stranded by Easyjet for 3 days. Their Airbus plane couldn’t fly due to a technical fault and so their original flight was cancelled and all 135 passengers were put up in a hotel.

The next day they were told it was fixed but it transpired Easyjet were waiting for spare parts. Roll on another night in a hotel then to be told a replacement plane was on its way so they should arrive at the airport for 7.30am today. When they got to the airport, the pilot told them it was the same plane and the same fault had occurred so they had to leave again.

Easyjet have apologised but haven’t explained why an alternative plane hasn’t been supplied nor why the 135 passengers haven’t been transferred to another airline to get them home.

Each passenger will of course be entitled to 250 Euros compensation but this doesn’t seem much for a 3 day delay!

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