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FairPlane UK Director Daniel Morris appeared as a guest of Alexis Conran on his TalkRADIO show ‘The Radio Hustle’ on Saturday (26/11/2016), to discuss flight delay compensation.
Daniel started out by explaining to Alexis and the listeners of the show exactly what constitutes a “flight delay” and when does that delay actually become something that you can claim compensation for.

As regular listeners would expect, Alexis wanted to know why a passenger would opt to pay for FairPlane’s service when they could make a claim themselves…

[Please note, the following is a non-verbatim transcription of the recorded conversation between Daniel Morris and Alexis Conran. It is designed to be a true reflection of exactly what was said, although it has been edited to improve its overall readability]


“You can claim compensation for free…so what are the benefits of coming to you?”


“The point is that the airlines don’t give money away. They knock people back an awful lot, they give up various excuses for the delay to the flight, when in fact the person has a valid claim”


“Are we saying that your rights are a bit greyish then, as they have to have grounds to knock you back, right? If you say to them that ‘my flight was delayed by x amount of time, I’m due compensation’, how can they turn you away?"


“They have a catch all excuse which is ‘extraordinary circumstances’


“So what are ‘extraordinary circumstances?’


“There are lots of different reasons why an aircraft can be delayed; bird strikes, technical difficulties, air traffic strikes etc.

“What airlines often tend to do is to respond to all claims for compensation by suggesting that this was a case of ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and we don’t have to pay out.

“People don’t know their rights and don’t know the case law, but there have been cases that have gone through the European courts which help clarify which circumstances airlines can and can’t be used by an airline as a defence.

People will tend to believe what the airlines tell them, especially when they get sent a very official or legal looking letter following a complaint”


“And so this is where people like yourselves come in as you know the precedent cases that have been set in the European courts etc.”


“A good example is when there’s an air traffic control strike. This leads to a real problem for people trying to make a claim themselves. The airlines say you can’t claim, and people will tend to say ‘fair enough’. But actually when you look at the available routes, as we do, you can see that it may have been possible for the aircraft to have flown around the affected airspace, so this not a valid excuse. The airline should have used all possible measures to get that person to their destination on time”

If you would like to listen to the full discussion, the programme is available as a free podcast via iTunes here and on the TalkRADIO website archive here

Claim flight delay compensation

If your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours, you may be able to make a claim for flight delay compensation even if the airline has already informed you that the delay was the result of ‘extraordinary circumstances’.

Why not take a look at our claim calculator here and see if you’re eligible to claim flight delay compensation. It only takes a minute.

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