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Falling pound means higher flight delay compensation | FairPlane UK / 16.01.2017

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Falling pound means higher flight delay compensation | FairPlane UK image

Teresa May looks likely to be announcing that the UK will be pursuing a ‘Hard Brexit’ strategy in the Government’s negotiations with the EU.

This means, the UK is expected to leave not only the EU but also the European Single Market.

As a result, the Pound has fallen steeply against the Dollar and the Euro in recent days, and is today trading at just 1.13 Euros to the Pound.

Not only will this devaluation of the Pound lower the prices of our exports, it also means that anyone making a claim for a flight delay or flight cancellation will receive more Pounds when the fixed Euro compensation sums are converted.

If you were delayed on a longer haul flight of 3,500 KM or more, you may be entitled to €600 in compensation. At today’s exchange rate, that’s a whopping £530.97 in compensation per passenger!

Even shorter flights are worthwhile claiming flight delay compensation for. If your flight distance was between 1,500KM and 3,500KM and you were delayed by 3 hours or more then the EU compensation amount of €400 equates to 354! Again this sum is per person travelling including any children provided they weren’t travelling under a free ticket. For a family of 5, that’s 1,770! Enough to pay for the next summer holiday.

If you have tried making a claim yourself but have failed then double check with us to see if you have a valid claim or not. Often airlines will refuse to pay perfectly valid flight delay compensation claims but then pay up when Fairplane get involved.

Don’t delay though – the favourable Euro rate may not last.

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