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Flight delayed on way back from half term holiday? | FairPlane UK / 23.02.2016

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Flight delayed on way back from half term holiday? | FairPlane UK image

Late flights are often delayed flights, or so it seems

You know how it is. You booked the late flight back from your holiday in order to get as much time away with the kids as possible.

You arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Your thought process goes something like this:

  • Kids can sleep on the plane and in the car on the way home.

  • They might be a little tired and so will you be at work the next morning.

  • But it will be worth it to squeeze as much out of the half term break as possible


Trouble is, the last flight of the day is statistically more likely to suffer a major delay, so when you arrive at the airport you are faced with a big red 'delayed' on the departure board.

Worse still, the delay is over 3 hours and there is nothing open at the airport. Not a great end to the half term break.

The delay is due to 'operational difficulties' whatever that may mean.

Dont get mad, get the flight delay compensation you are entitled to

So what do you do? Well why not pass the time by making a claim for flight delay compensation? It is always worth checking to see if you qualify - checking is free and it only takes a minute or two. The kids can claim as well so, a family of 5 could be entitled to around ?2,500! That might be more than the holiday cost! It will certainly ease the distress of arriving home in the middle of the night and having to get up again for school and work.

Don't put up with flight delays without finding out if you can claim. We can let you know straight away.

Oh yes, and 'Operational Difficulties' is airline speak for - they have mucked up with their organisation and as a result the aircraft was delayed. This is not a valid excuse and so you can claim flight delay compensation.

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