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Guide to Making a Flight Delay Compensation Claim | FairPlane UK / 26.10.2015

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We have a lot of experience dealing with airlines. Unfortunately, many airlines don't play fair when someone contacts them to make a claim for flight delay compensation. To help you, here are our top tips:

  1. At the Airport:

    • Keep a copy of your boarding pass, ticket or email confirmation - you will need it later

    • Ask for the airline's customer service address where they will accept claims for flight delay compensation

    • The delay has to be 3 hours or more when you arrive at your destination so make sure it is

    • Check which airline you actually flew on - it is the carrier who is responsible and this might be different to the airline you booked with

    • Try to find out the reason for the delay


  2. When you get home:

    • Email the Airline's customer service department quoting your flight number, date of flight and booking reference.

    • Attach a copy (a photo will do) of your boarding pass or ticket.

    • Tell them you want them to pay you flight delay compensation under the EU regulations. Provide your bank details and say that you would like them to pay within 21 days, otherwise you will pass the claim to Fairplane

    • If they don't pay, let us know and we will enforce your legal rights for you

    • Beware - airlines will often reply saying you are not entitled to compensation. This is usually incorrect so, if you get this response, contact us and we will use our systems to check

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If you don't fancy the work involved then contact us straight away. We can make a claim for flight delay compensation for you right from the start.

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