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Heathrow Airport Reveals Images of Proposed Third Runway | FairPlane UK image

Heathrow airport has revealed stunning images of its proposed third runway together with new passenger terminals and rail, bus and tube connections.

The estimated total cost of the third runway is £17.6 billion with an additional £5 billion on transport links but the expansion is forecast to increase the UK's GDP by up to £147 billion by 2050. The new runway will involve demolishing 783 houses and will increase the capacity of Heathrow from the current 480,000 to a whopping 740,000 flights per year. This equates to an increase in passenger numbers from the current 74 million per year to well over 110 million. Current late flights are running at 27% being more that 15 minutes delayed. Will this figure decrease or increase with a third runway? Only time will tell.

A third runway at Heathrow will increase passengers visiting the UK and will also rival Paris as an airport hub. The number of delayed passengers who could claim flight delay compensation are expected to increase from the current 900,000 per year to nearly 1.25 million by 2050.

It seems there is no sign of any slow down in passenger numbers and our desire to see the world.

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