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What is a flight compensation claim?

When you travel by plane in the European Union (EU), your consumerrights are protected under European regulations. EuropeanRegulation EU261/2004 states that If you have experienced a long flight delay, been denied boarding or your flight was cancelled, you may be eligible to make a flight compensation claim against the airline that you were travelling with. Air passengers in England and Wales have up to six years from the date of the flight to make a flight compensation claim.

Who can make a claim?

To qualify for compensation you must be able to answer 'YES' to all of the following questions:
FairPlane Fred

Have you flown in the past six years?

Did you take off from within the EU or arrive in the EU aboard an EU based airline.

Were you delayed by more than 3 hours or your flight was cancelled?

Was the delay due to reasons other than ‘extraordinary circumstances’ ? (Read more about extraordinary circumstances here).

How can I make a claim?

You can make a claim for flight delay compensation in just 3 easy steps:

Provide details about flight
Provide us with a few basic details about your flight
If your flight was cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours, you may have a claim for flight delay compensation. You can claim on flights from up to 6 years ago. Use our Flight Delay Compensation Form to provide your flight details or call our office on 0203 074 1100. It’s quick and easy and there is no obligation to make a claim.
We negotiate with airline
We negotiate with the airline on your behalf
Once we’ve received details of your flight, we are able to check the details against an extensive database of techncial and weather details we have access to. If your claim appears vaild, we will then contact you and recommend proceeding with your claim. We’ll keep you updated regularly throughout the claims process.

You receive your compensation
You receive your compensation
As soon as we receive your flight delay compensation from the airline, we will be in touch to confirm the good news. Your compensation (less our fee of 25% (+ VAT) & £20 insurance) will then be transferred to your bank acccount within 72hrs.

How much compensation can I claim?
Levels of flight compensation are set by European law between 250 Euros and 600 Euros. The exact amount you might be eligible to claim depends on the distance flown and the length of your delay. The cost of your ticket has no bearing on the amount of compensation you receive.

 Flight Distance Length Of Delay Compensation Amount
 Up to 1,500km 3 hours or more€250 (£210) 
 1,500km-3,500km3 hours or more  €400 (£340)
 Over 3,500km Between 2 EU Member States & 3 hours or more €400 (£340)
 Over 3,500km 3-4 hours €300 (£255)
 Over 3,500km More than 4 hours €600 (£510)
Is there a quick way to find out how much I might be owed?

You can find out very quickly and simply if you potentially have a case for a claim and how much flight delay compensation you might potentially be owed by completing the Flight Delay Compensation Form on
this website. It only takes a minute and you'll just need to provide some basic details about your flight.

Can I make a claim for flight delay compensation against any of the airlines?

Yes, if the circumstances
of your delay or cancellation meet the criteria required to make a claim (see the section 'Who can make a claim?' above). We are happy to pursue any of the airlines on your behalf for flight delay compensation, however big or small they may be. To see a list of the airlines we regularly deal with, and to find out which of them are more willing to pay compensation than others, take a look at the Airline Claims page on this website.

Nothing to pay if your claim is not successful

We operate on a
No Win, No Fee basis which means that you don’t have to pay for our service unless we are successful in obtaining any compensation you are owed. Our fees are taken from the settled amount, so you will not have to pay us any money directly for the work that we undertake on your behalf.

Is there any legal risk involved?

There is absolutely no legal risk to you whatsoever. We insure all claims to safeguard you financially should your case by lost. This charge of £20 is included in our fees, which are only payable if your claim is successful. All fees are deducted at the end of the process from the compensation we receive from from the airline.

Can I make a claim myself?

You can try to make a claim yourself, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that airlines will do everything they can to make this a
difficult and time-consuming process for you. Claims made by individuals are routinely ignored, even when they are valid claims. Our legal expertise and experience will ensure that this won't happen to your claim. We'll also take all of the effort and stress out of the process and there will definately be no need for you to attend court.

I've still got questions. Is there anyone I can speak to directly about my claim?

Of course! We've tried to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to get in touch with us. Unlike any other flight compensation companies, our office is based in the UK, so our staff are available to speak to you during standard working hours from Monday to Friday.

Flight delay compensation claim page on this website lists all the different ways you can get in touch with us. You can email, telephone or even text us to arrange a call back to discuss your delay and the compensation you could be due.

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