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How Quick is it to Make a Delayed Flight Compensation Claim? | FairPlane UK / 04.12.2015

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How Quick is it to Make a Delayed Flight Compensation Claim? | FairPlane UK image

We have managed to obtain airline flight compensation payments in 2 weeks from some airlines. The time it takes though does depend of course on which airline we are dealing with.

Some of the budget airlines are very slow indeed with Easyjet for example simply failing to reply to most letters before action which we send.

We regularly issue legal proceedings against airlines who fail to reply to our letters in a strict 3 weeks. Despite knowing we are going to do this, many airlines still fail to reply at all.

Others are better. We have made arrangements with Monarch, Thomsons and Thomas Cook to send claims to them in a list. This is because we have made them take notice of our service by issue many legal proceedings against them seeking delayed flight compensation for our clients. They have now set up procedures to ensure the delayed flight claims we submit are dealt with promptly. We of course monitor this and always issue proceedings if they step out of line.

In this way, we ensure that airlines pay our clients their flight delay compensation as soon as possible. Sometimes this is a matter of 2 to 3 weeks!

Make sure you aren't ignored by the airlines. Come to us and we will get you the flight delay compensation you are owed.

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