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Jet2.com is a low cost airline operating from Leeds in the UK. It was founded in 2002 and has grown rapidly to become the 4th largest scheduled UK airline. It has a fleet of 58 aircraft and 4,000 employees, flying 216 scheduled routes in Europe. in 2014, it carried over 6 million passengers on over 39,000 flights.

Jet2.com flight delays

Jet2.com has an average flight delay of 13.25 minutes which places it a poor 25th out of 35 airlines operating in the UK. 4.22% of flights suffered a flight delay of 1 hour or more and 0.62% of flights had a serious flight delay of 3 hours or more.

Jet2.com flight delay compensation

Jet2.com have previously been poor at dealing properly with flight delay compensation claims. They often failed to deal with the flight compensation claim being made, and so on many occasions we were forced to issue legal proceedings against them in order to obtain payment. There has recently been an improvement in their performance however, and they are now dealing with claims more sensibly, although they continue to vigorously defend claims which they believe to be unjustified.

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