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Lack of Staff at Bag Drop Results in Missed Flight Payout | FairPlane UK image

Niall and Aileen Caldwell had arrived at the airport in Sicily in plenty of time to catch their Easyjet flight to London Gatwick. As they proceeded to bag drop, they spotted a problem. There was a massive queue and only 3 staff manning the desks.

The queue did not move very much and, after a while, Mr & Mrs Caldwell spoke to staff explaining that they were going to miss their flight. No more staff arrived to help out so, getting increasingly worried, Mr & Mrs Caldwell spoke to Easyjet two more times.

Unfortunately, their pleas fell on deaf ears as they were still in the queue when the flight departed.

When they spoke with Easyjet, telling them it was their fault that they had missed their flight, they were told that they would have to pay for the replacement flights themselves. Worse, the flights were not for 2 days!

Disgruntled, the couple took Easyjet to court and won. The Judge in Scotland awarded the couple £1,042.90 in compensation for the missed flight, cost of replacement flights and accommodation for the extra 2 days.

Will this change Easyjet's check-in staff policy? We doubt it. Always allow extra time to check in. Bag drop is not quite how it is described.

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