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Make sure you use a solicitor, not a claims company | FairPlane UK image

As more and more people become aware of their legal right to claim flight delay compensation, a number of companies have sprung up offering a claims service to make claiming the flight delay compensation as easy as possible.

The reason people go to flight delay compensation specialists is that airlines often fob passengers off and refuse to pay the flight delay compensation unless legal proceedings are issued.

The problem is, many of the flight delay compensation companies are not solicitors! Instead they are merely marketing companies trying to get as many passengers to claim through them as possible. They then simply pass on the claims to a solicitor who is often not a specialist, but just a general solicitor who is used to dealing with legal proceedings and the courts.

All of this will cost you more money than going to a solicitor directly. Often people are worried about contacting a solicitor directly as they believe it will cost them a fortune.

The good news is, we are solicitors! We are a one-stop shop dealing with your cancelled flight or flight delay compensation from start to finish. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and The Law Society and have sophisticated systems in place to ensure your flight delay compensation claim progresses properly. All of this plus we protect you from any legal costs risk with our after the event insurance policy which was specially developed in conjunction with legal insurance specialists, Box Legal Limited. Oh yes, and we are cheaper than anyone else.

So, you can rest assured, your claim will be safe with us.

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