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Missed Connecting Flight Due to a Delayed Flight? | FairPlane UK / 03.03.2016

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Not many people realise that, if you miss a connecting flight because your original flight was delayed, you may be entitled to claim flight delay compensation.

You know how it is, you have booked a holiday but it involves changing planes. You have 50 minutes between flights which is plenty of time to make the departure gate but then, shock horror, your first flight is delayed by 30 minutes! When you finally arrive and sprint to the gate, you just miss the connection.

What can you do?

Well, you might be entitled to claim up to €600 flight delay compensation. The rules are complicated but effectively, there are set times allowed and published for every airport for connecting flights. The airport will set out what is an acceptable minimum time for a passenger to land at one gate and transfer to another. If the first flight is then delayed such that the time the passenger has between the flights is less than the minimum then there would be a claim for flight delay compensation provided the airline could not provide a good reason for the delay which was beyond their control.

This means that your first flight may have only be delayed by less than an hour but this meant you had no time to make a connecting flight. There is one other stipulation though which is that you must have booked the flights as a series i.e. together.

The compensation you would be due would be based on the distance for all of the connecting flights combined and not just the first flight that was slightly delayed.   You could, therefore, be due up to €600 in delay flight compensation if you missed a connecting flight.

Contact us now and we will check if you qualify.

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