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Missed connection due to a flight delay? | FairPlane UK / 31.07.2015

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Missed connection due to a flight delay? | FairPlane UK image

You may have heard about flight delay compensation and the requirement for your flight to have been delayed by 3 hours or more in order to qualify for up to €600 in compensation. However, what if your flight was delayed by less than 3 hours, but the flight delay meant you missed a connecting flight?

The good news is that this also means that you can make a claim. The EU regulations deal with connecting flights provided you booked them in one go with the airline. If you did...and one of the flights was delayed, and as a result you missed the on-ward flight, you would probably have arrived at your final destination more than 3 hours late.

For the purposes of the regulations, the series of flights are treated as one trip. If you arrived at your final destination more than 3 hours late then, it does not matter if the delayed flight that caused you to miss a connecting flight was delayed for less than 3 hours. You would need to show that the delay was enough to cause you to miss your connection. This is often quite easy if the connecting flight had already left by the time you arrived or if you only had 10 minutes (an unreasonable amount of time) to catch it!

The other good news is that the total distance of your combined flights is used to calculate the amount of flight compensation you are entitled to receive. If for example, you were flying to Paris, then onward to New York; your total distance would be over 3,000km, so you would be entitled to €600 compensation if you arrived in New York more than 3 hours later than scheduled.

So, if you missed a connection due to the late arrival of a flight, please get in touch with us. We may be able to help you make a successful claim.

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