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Monarch Flight Delay Compensation Claims | FairPlane UK / 21.01.2016

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Good news! Monarch Airlines have now agreed to a streamlined process with FairPlane UK Limited in relation to all claims for flight delay compensation or cancelled flight compensation.

We have been working with the team at Monarch to ensure all of their passengers are treated fairly and promptly and FairPlane have now become one of Monarch's preferred flight delay compensation solicitor partners.

We can now confirm very quickly if any Monarch Airlines passenger would be entitled to flight delay compensation or not using a data exchange procedure. All you need do is contact us using our speedy claims calculator and we will be able to tell you the amount you are entitled to. With one of the quickest claims procedures in the industry and sophisticated technology in place, all Monarch passengers can now be assured that they will receive any flight compensation they are owed.

If you have flown with Monarch and were delayed for 3 hours or more, or if your Monarch flight was cancelled, contact us now. You never know, each passenger could be owed up to £545 in compensation!

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