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Can I claim cancelled flight compensation due to fog? | FairPlane UK image

The recent spell of fog in the UK has caused havoc at many of the UK's airports with many flights being cancelled due to safety restrictions in areas where the pilot is unable to see the runway.

Heathrow, City, Gatwick and Manchester airports have all suffered from the fog with many flights being cancelled or severely delayed.

If you were one of the many passengers whose flights were delayed or cancelled due to the fog and were thinking that you might have a case for cancelled flight compensation, we're sorry to tell you that you haven’t.

Cancelled flight compensation and EU law

Under the EU regulations governing cancelled flight compensation, airlines are allowed certain excuses or what more specifically is known in the industry as 'exceptional circumstances', which explain the reason for a cancelled fight or flight delay.

Weather is a reason which is often claimed to be the cause of a flight cancellations or delays. Airlines sometimes give this as an excuse and usually, this is indeed a valid reason.

At FairPlane we have systems in place that allow us to quickly check departure and arrival airport weather patterns at the time of the flight. In this way we can verify any weather related excuses given by an airline. Sometimes unfortunately, airlines use this as an excuse not to pay cancelled flight compensation, when in fact the reason for the delay was due to operational reasons, which they are legally responsible for.

If you are flying today or were due to fly yesterday from, or to the UK, then you may have been affected by the severe fog. This would be a valid reason for a delay or cancellation and so in this instance, you would not be able to claim cancelled flight compensation.

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