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Flight delays on the rise image
The annual number of flight delays has risen dramatically in recent years according to recently published data.
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JetBlue to enter transatlantic flight market image
Budget airline JetBlue is set to offer transatlantic flights from 2021. The US airline plans to offer flights between London, New York and Boston.
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Passengers delayed as BA flight to Düsseldorf touches down in Edinburgh by mistake image
Pilot asks, “Who wants to go to Düsseldorf?” as BA plane touches down in Edinburgh by mistake
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Will flights to the EU be affected by Brexit? image
If there is no deal then there will be a ‘hard Brext’ i.e. there won’t be any terms agreed between the EU and the UK. The impact of this will be widespread, not least in the travel industry.
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Jet2 flight diverts to Manchester because no water to make tea image
Jet2 flight from Glasgow to Tenerife was diverted to Manchester Airport yesterday due to there being no water available to make tea or coffees on board.
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Passengers held on tarmac for 6 hours because of bad weather image
A recent Ryanair flight from Prague to Madrid was held on the tarmac for 6 hours, as the 189 passengers bemoaned the lack of food and water.
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