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Ryanair Lose Battle to Limit Flight Delay Compensation Claims to 2 Years | FairPlane UK image
Ryan Air have today lost an important court battle in the Manchester County Court relating to the time limit which applies to passengers making flight delay compensation claims. Ryan Air had argued that the time limit for claims should be just 2 years as per their booking terms and conditions. The...
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Civil Aviation Authority Forces Jet2 and Wizz Air to Pay out Flight Delay Compensation, FairPlane UK image
The CAA has finally managed to force Jet2 and Wizz Air to pay out flight delay compensation or cancelled flight compensation claims where the flight delay or cancellation was due to technical difficulties. Up until now, despite Court of Appeal rulings that technical difficulties were not allowable excuses,...
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Super Quick Turnaround for Thai Airlines Cancelled Flight Claim | FairPlane UK image
We have managed to beat our record for a delayed flight or cancelled flight compensation claim. Flight TG911 was due to depart from London Heathrow on 4th April 2015 bound for Bangkok. The Boeing 747 taxied to the runway but then the pilot announced that there was a technical problem – one of...
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Making a Family Claim for Delayed Flight Compensation is Quick and Easy | FairPlane UK image
Most people don’t go on holiday on their own so when your flight is seriously delayed or cancelled, it is not just you but your whole family who is affected. It is not easy travelling with children at the best of times but if you have to spend unscheduled hours at the airport, the start or end...
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Why Doesn't Everyone Claim Delayed Flight Compensation? | FairPlane UK image
Good question. There are a number of reasons why only a small percentage of passengers claim delayed flight compensation. Here are our thoughts: 1. Many passengers are simply unaware that they can claim if their flight is delayed or cancelled. Reports from Which? And FairPlane UK advertising help to...
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Airlines should be required to hand passengers a list of their rights if their flight is delayed image
We have been saying this for ages. It is all well and good the EU having delayed flight regulations in place in order to look after passengers but, unless passengers know of those rights, they are not going to be able to benefit from them. At the moment, airlines flying out of the EU and EU Airlines...
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