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Air France Flight AF990A Declares Emergency After Forgetting two Passengers | FairPlane UK image
You can understand how this can happen. You have a computer and everyones' boarding card. You also have all the luggage which is scanned. No one should have a bag who has not boarded the flight. You compare one list to the other using the computer before you take off. It's simple security isn't it? Well...
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Say Hello to Sandra | FairPlane UK image
Today we launch our Sandra Cares campaign (www.sandracares.co.uk). We want to spread the word about Flight Delay Compensation and to make sure everyone who is entitled gets the money they are owed. You will begin to see billboards appearing along various motorways and adverts in national newspapers....
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Easyjet Flight EZY5461 Makes Emergency Landing After Pilot Blacks Out at Controls | FairPlane UK image
A mid-air emergency was declared yesterday when the Easyjet Flight EZY5461 from Gatwick to Crete had to be diverted when the pilot blacked out at the controls. Fortunately, CAA rules dictate that airlines must have 2 qualified pilots in the cockpit and so the co-pilot was able to divert the plane...
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Heathrow Airport Reveals Images of Proposed Third Runway | FairPlane UK image
Heathrow airport has revealed stunning images of its proposed third runway together with new passenger terminals and rail, bus and tube connections. The estimated total cost of the third runway is £17.6 billion with an additional £5 billion on transport links but the expansion is forecast...
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Lowest Solicitor Charges For Flight Delay Compensation Claims | FairPlane UK image
There are now quite a few companies operating in the UK who claim to be able to help you claim flight delay compensation if your flight was delayed for 3 hours or more or even cancelled.If you do a Google search then loads come up... including FairPlane UK of course! But which one do you choose?Choosing...
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Flybe Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Mid-Air Hydraulics Failure | FairPlane UK image
A Flybe plane operated by Logonair charter flight was forced to make an emergency landing on 2nd October when hydraulic fluid was seen leaking from one of the wings by a passenger. The flight from Rotterdam to Aberdeen had just 17 passengers on board but one of them, William Roberston, spotted red...
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