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Flight delay compensation claims may follow BA's computer meltdown | FairPlane UK image
An IT glitch has left British Airways passengers across the globe frustrated. Passengers flying from Heathrow and Gatwick were asked to check in online as systems at the airport struggled to cope. Passengers claim for flight delay compensation and cancellation As a result of the issues a number...
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New resolution charge makes using FairPlane seem like an even smarter | FairPlane UK image
You may have seen in the news recently how a gentleman from Surrey was taken aback after trying to make a claim for flight delay compensation. He’d decided that rather than opting to use a service such as the one offered by FairPlane, he would peruse the claim himself. After being severely...
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Arrest of pie-eyed pilots could lead to claims for flight delay compensation | FairPlane UK image
Passengers booked on the United Airlines flight from Glasgow to New York on Saturday night will be thanking their lucky stars that pilots about to take charge of the aircraft were arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol before they had a chance to board the plane. Passenger boarding...
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BBC report reveals which flights, airlines and airports have the most delays | FairPlane UK image
After analysing aviation data, the BBC have recently revealed which airports and routs suffer the most delays. And the winner is (or is that loser?)…London Gatwick. Passengers flying from Gatwick experienced on average a delay of 18 minutes for each flight they took. A spokesperson from...
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Bumped off a flight? | FairPlane UK image
Have you ever been bumped off a flight? I have come close. I remember a flight from Luton to Geneva a few years ago. Easyjet had overbooked the flight and needed to find 4 people to take the next flight 4 hours later. They made an announcement offering free baggage allowance for anyone who would take...
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Missed Connecting Flights | FairPlane UK image
The EU regulations regarding compensation for delayed or cancelled flights also extend to connecting flights. If the flight you were on was delayed to such an extent that you missed an onward connection and you therefore ended up more than 3 hours late at your final destination then you may be...
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