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615 Passengers on One Flight! | FairPlane UK image
Emirates have revealed their new Airbus A380 plane with a world record 615 seats for passengers. They have removed the first class section which has allowed them to cram in an incredible 557 economy and 58 business class passengers. Don't worry about those poor business passengers though, they still...
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Top 10 Reasons Why Passengers Don't Claim Flight Delay Compensation | FairPlane UK image
We carried out a survey recently, asking airline passengers who were entitled to flight delay compensation, why they hadn't made a claim. Passengers who have suffered a flight delay of 3 hours or more or a flight cancellation are permitted to make claims under EU law. So here are the results in reverse...
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Increased Airport Security to cause more Flight Delays | FairPlane UK image
Flight delays expected as airport security reviewed following suspected terrorist attack on a Russian passenger plane in Sharm el-Sheikh News from the Government is that airport security is now under review following the suspected terrorist attack on a Russian passenger plane in Sharm el Sheikh. The...
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Flight disruption to and from Sharm el-Sheikh | FairPlane UK image
The recent tragedy in Egypt has led to the British Government cancelling all flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh. The Government suspect that the Russian flight 9268 was blown up by a bomb placed in the luggage hold. The situation is very difficult both for passengers stuck in the resort and also...
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Can I claim cancelled flight compensation due to fog? | FairPlane UK image
The recent spell of fog in the UK has caused havoc at many of the UK's airports with many flights being cancelled due to safety restrictions in areas where the pilot is unable to see the runway. Heathrow, City, Gatwick and Manchester airports have all suffered from the fog with many flights being...
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Guide to Making a Flight Delay Compensation Claim | FairPlane UK image
We have a lot of experience dealing with airlines. Unfortunately, many airlines don't play fair when someone contacts them to make a claim for flight delay compensation. To help you, here are our top tips: At the Airport: Keep a copy of your boarding pass, ticket or email confirmation - you...
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