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American Airlines Flight AA199 Makes Emergency Landing at Heathrow | FairPlane UK image
American Airlines flight number AA199 from Milan to New York was forced to divert to Heathrow Airport today when the windscreen of the Boeing 767-300 suddenly shattered. The plane with 183 passengers on board was under an hour into the flight when the windscreen suddenly shattered. The pilots immediately...
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Exceptional Circumstances Explained | FairPlane UK image
When is a claim for flight delay compensation not a claim for flight delay compensation? The answer: where an airline can prove an 'exceptional circumstance' caused the flight delay problem. What is an exceptional circumstance? Well the obvious ones are things like bad weather or a volcanic ash...
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Get Your Flight Delay Compensation Payment By Christmas | FairPlane UK image
Its a bit like the Christmas post this one - if you get your claim for delayed flight compensation in now, we should be able to get you the money you are owed by Christmas! We have an excellent record when it comes to getting airline compensation for passengers whose flights have been delayed or cancelled. Due...
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Top 5 Destinations with the Worst Flight Delays | FairPlane UK image
When flying from the UK, which are the worst 5 cities to fly to in terms of most flights delayed or cancelled? Well here you go: 1. Nice - 64% of all flights to Nice were delayed or cancelled 1. Istanbul - Joint worst with Nice at 64% of flights delayed or cancelled 3. Porto - coming a close...
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My Bag Has Been Lost by The Airline | FairPlane UK image
Some useful information here. Apparently, over 200,000 bags are lost by airlines in the UK every month! That's 2.4 million bags lost each year! In reality, there isn't a black hole somewhere swallowing up thousands of bags each day, it is just that checked bags are not re-united with their owners...
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We settle Delayed Flight Claim in Just 8 Days | FairPlane UK image
This is going to take some beating... On 10th November Ms Harvey from Yorkshire instructed us after her Thomas Cook flight back to Manchester from Zakinthos was delayed by nearly 4 hours. We sent out the letter of claim to Thomas Cook and received a full offer to settle the flight delay claim in just...
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