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A Stronger Euro means Even More Flight Delay Compensation! | FairPlane UK image
Your claim for flight delay compensation is now worth even moreWith the pound weakening due to fears of the UK exiting the EU, now is the time to dig out the details of all of those old delayed flights, as the Euro is now worth even more! Most people are unaware that you have 6 years to make a claim...
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British Airways Flight Delayed due to Smelly Poo | FairPlane UK image
Flight delay compensation is available to passengers who had a whiff there was a problem. A British Airways flight from Heathrow to Dubai on 12th March 2015 was just 30 minutes into its flight when 'liquid faecal excrement' (the pilot's words not ours) forced the plane to return to Heathrow. Apparently...
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Flight delayed on way back from half term holiday? | FairPlane UK image
Late flights are often delayed flights, or so it seems You know how it is. You booked the late flight back from your holiday in order to get as much time away with the kids as possible. You arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Your thought process goes something like this: Kids can sleep on...
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Are Bird Strikes a Defence to Flight Delay Compensation Claims? | FairPlane UK image
In principle, you are able to make a claim for Flight Delay Compensation if your flight was delayed by 3 hours or more or cancelled and the reason for the delay or the cancellation was within the control of the airline.Flight delay compensation claims resulting from bird strikesSo, at first glance, if...
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Is Bad Weather a Poor Excuse for Avoiding Flight Delay Compensation | FairPlane UK image
As with all questions of this sort, the answer is,'it depends on the circumstances of the case'. Generally, an airline is required to pay flight delay compensation to passengers who suffer a delay of 3 hours or more. The airline are able to refuse to pay the delay compensation where the reason for...
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£1.5 Billion Flight Delay Compensation Goes Unclaimed | FairPlane UK image
A few weeks ago, everyone got very excited about an unclaimed lottery ticket worth a mere £33 million. There were all sorts of people claiming for tickets lost, stolen or put through the washing machine by mistake. However, that lottery ticket pails into insignificance when compared with the...
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