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Guide to Making a Flight Delay Compensation Claim | FairPlane UK image
We have a lot of experience dealing with airlines. Unfortunately, many airlines don't play fair when someone contacts them to make a claim for flight delay compensation. To help you, here are our top tips: At the Airport: Keep a copy of your boarding pass, ticket or email confirmation - you...
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Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET500 Engine Shuts Down Over the Atlantic | FairPlane UK image
Etheopian Airline's new Dreamliner suffered a major problem this morning halfway out in the Atlantic. Flight ET500 was 2 hours into its flight from Dublin to Washington when one of its engines suddenly shut down. The pilot immediately declared an emergency and the plane returned safely to Dublin airport...
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Lack of Staff at Bag Drop Results in Missed Flight Payout | FairPlane UK image
Niall and Aileen Caldwell had arrived at the airport in Sicily in plenty of time to catch their Easyjet flight to London Gatwick. As they proceeded to bag drop, they spotted a problem. There was a massive queue and only 3 staff manning the desks. The queue did not move very much and, after a while,...
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Flight Delay Ends in Divorce | FairPlane UK image
Not the most obvious connection: a delayed flight and getting divorced but by all accounts this is a true story. A woman in Saudi Arabia wanted to visit her sister in Jeddah and so she asked her husband for his permission. He refused. So, when her husband went to visit his parents in another city,...
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Air France Flight AF990A Declares Emergency After Forgetting two Passengers | FairPlane UK image
You can understand how this can happen. You have a computer and everyones' boarding card. You also have all the luggage which is scanned. No one should have a bag who has not boarded the flight. You compare one list to the other using the computer before you take off. It's simple security isn't it? Well...
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Say Hello to Sandra | FairPlane UK image
Today we launch our Sandra Cares campaign (www.sandracares.co.uk). We want to spread the word about Flight Delay Compensation and to make sure everyone who is entitled gets the money they are owed. You will begin to see billboards appearing along various motorways and adverts in national newspapers....
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