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Survey Reveals the Best Airports in Which to Spend Time If you Suffer a Delayed Flight | FairPlane image
The thought of being left stranded in an airport due to a flight cancellation or severe flight delay fills most passengers with dread. However, you may change your mind and actually welcome a flight delay if you visit certain international airports. That is because there are some airports which are...
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Two American Airlines Aircraft forced to Return to Heathrow due to Technical Issues | FairPlane UK image
In less than a week, two United Airline planes bound for the USA have been forced to turn around and land back at Heathrow due to ‘technical issues’. The first, UA935 on 7th August, took off from Heathrow with 279 people on board bound for Los Angeles. Shortly after take off, one of the...
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How long does it take to make a flight delay compensation claim? | FairPlane UK image
Airlines are becoming more aware that passengers will be making flight delay compensation claims and so they are setting up departments to deal with them. Unfortunately, this tends to be just the larger airlines with the smaller ones simply handling any flight delay claims in their customer services...
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New Yorkers Wake up to Transatlantic Flight Delay Compensation Claims | FairPlane UK image
We have seen a massive spike in interest from Internet users in New York following mention of Fairplane UK in a New York Times article. Journalist Jane L. Leverepicked up the Which? report and ran with it, informing our American friends all about their rights to claim Flight Delay Compensation if...
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Which? report on flight delay compensation sparks a rush of claims | FairPlane UK image
It has been a very busy weekend for us here at FairPlane UK. On Saturday 8th August, the consumer champion ‘Which?’ issued a report on the EU Flight Delay Regulations and how, in the UK, most passengers are unaware of their right to claim flight delay compensation. Flight delay compensation:...
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Ryanair potentially facing flight delay compensation claims from 200,000 passengers | FairPlane UK image
A test Case is underway against Ryanair regarding flight delay compensation claims. It is thought that passengers could claim up to ?610m if the decision goes against Ryanair. It relates to how far back in time passengers can claim flight delay compensation. The case is being heard in the Manchester...
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