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Smoke detected in toilets of Pakistan Airways flight | FairPlane UK image
A Pakistan Airways flight to New York on Saturday 23rd April 2016 was forced to make an emergency landing at Shannon Airport in Northern Ireland when an indicator in the cockpit detected smoke in one of the toilets. The plane set out from Manchester as 1.37pm but made the emergency landing at Shannon...
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Will Flight Delay Compensation cause flights to become more expensive? | FairPlane UK image
Airlines don't want to pay you any flight delay compensation as the sums involved appear to be very large. If everyone on board a long haul flight claimed the €600 they were entitled to then just one flight carrying 350 passengers could cost the airline €210,000. With the large Airbus 380s,...
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Thomas Cook Flight MT2152 Forced to Dump Fuel Following Fault with Landing Gear | FairPlane UK image
Thomas Cook flight number MT2152 from Manchester to Paphos Cyprus was forced to turn back to Manchester minutes into the journey when the pilot noticed a problem with the landing gear. Due to maximum landing weight issues, the flight had to circle Manchester for more than 2 hours to burn off fuel....
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Fuerteventura Nightmare for Easyjet Customers on EZY9066 | FairPlane UK image
Easyjet have issued and apology to 173 passengers stranded at Fuerteventura due to technical issues. Flight number EZY9066 was supposed to leave for Bristol at 1.30pm on Saturday 2nd April but had to be cancelled due to un-specified technical issues. The 173 passengers were put up in hotels but the...
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7 Bizarre Reasons for Planes Not Taking Off on Time | FairPlane UK image
Here is a bit of fun. Sometimes it is hard to believe what goes on before a plane takes off. There have been some very strange events which have led to a delayed take-off - can these all be true? 1. A terrier dog found its way onto the runway at Congonhas Airport in Brazil and was chased for 20 minutes...
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Stag-do Flights Cancelled | FairPlane UK image
Nightmare this one. A group of 10 lads were booked to fly to Prague, 9 from Manchester and 1 from London. They were going to celebrate the final days of freedom before James got married. Problem was, the flight from Manchester was cancelled due to a technical fault with the aircraft so the 9 mates...
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