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EasyJet Don't Make It Easy To Get Flight Compensation | FairPlane UK image
easyJet have just announced a major achievement. With a fanfare they have issued press releases confirming they have flown their 45 Millionth passenger. Da da da da daa da da! Wonderful. Well done them. What a fantastic service they provide to their customers.Claiming flight delay compensation from...
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Monarch Flight Delay Compensation Claims | FairPlane UK image
Good news! Monarch Airlines have now agreed to a streamlined process with FairPlane UK Limited in relation to all claims for flight delay compensation or cancelled flight compensation. We have been working with the team at Monarch to ensure all of their passengers are treated fairly and promptly and...
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Pay for Christmas by making that Flight Delay Compensation Claim | FairPlane UK image
OK, so you have had a great Christmas. You have eaten your way through a huge Turkey, loads of chocolate and have drunk far too many cocktails to mention. The kids have received fantastic presents and you are now back at work with the festivities already becoming a distant memory. Suddenly, realisation...
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December is the worst month for Flight Delays | FairPlane UK image
Flight data has revealed that December is the worst month of the year for flight delays. With over 4 million people from the UK expected to fly over the Christmas period, the number of flight delay compensation claims is set to hit a record high this month. Last year, an incredible 3.5 million passengers...
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Which airlines are the best and worst payers of Flight Delay Compensation | FairPlane UK image
We have put together a handy guide of our experience when dealing with the major airlines serving the UK and how they handle flight delay compensation claims. Some of the airlines started off badly but have improved as our procedures in corresponding with them have forced them to become more efficient....
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Official Report Finds British Airways and Easyjet are the Worst for Flight Delays | FairPlane UK image
A report analysing thousands of flights across Europe has found that Easyjet are the worst airline for flight delays with nearly 7,000 delayed flights between October 25th to November 25th. British Airways were the second worst when it comes to delayed flights with over 4,200 delays for the same period. When...
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