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No sympathy for Ryanair boss unhappy about flight delay image
Kenny Jacobs, the chief marketing officer at budget Irish airline Ryanair took to social media to complain after his flight was delayed on Tuesday.
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Flight compensation available for delayed connecting flights outside of Europe image
The European court of justice has ruled that an airline passenger, who suffered a delay on a connecting flight in morocco, should still qualify to claim flight compensation.
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Smelly traveller 'scent' packing as passengers kick up a stink image
Smelly passenger quarantined by staff and eventually removed from flight when his fellow travellers begin throw-up and faint as a result of the bad smell.
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Airline collision delays Irish voter's journey home image
Airlines collided at Stanstead airport this morning, delaying Irish voters heading home to vote in the country's abortion referendum.
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The airports with the worst flight delay records in the UK image
Study of UK's 25 busiest airports reveals worst offenders when it comes to delayed flights.
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Flight delay compensation now available if your journey was held up by a wildcat strike image
If you were delayed by a wildcat strike, you may now be able to make successful claim for flight compensation as long as you were aboard an EU regulated fight, the delay was at least 3 hours long and the incident occurred less than 6 years ago.
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