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When Sunderland FC travelled to the south coast this week, they were hoping that their EFL Cup game against Southampton would provide some respite from their recent miserable form in the Premier League. They’re currently languishing at the bottom of the table with only two points after nine games played.

However, it just wasn’t destined to be the Black Cats night and they lost the game 1-0 to the Saints.

Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, they arrived at Southampton airport only to be told that their return flight back to the north east had been cancelled due to thick fog.

The squad returned to the hotel and caught another flight the next day. Manager David Moyes, will now be hoping that he still has time to prepare the team and get them in the right frame of mind for the next game at the weekend, despite having only 48hrs to do it in.

And the incident on Wednesday wasn’t the clubs first time they’d experienced a problem when flying.

In July the team were aboard an aircraft that was forced into an emergency landing at Manchester airport. They had been flying to Austria for pre-season training when one of the aircrafts engines failed.

Flight delay compensation and extreme weather

An airline can only use bad weather as an excuse for a delay or cancellation when the weather in question is adjudged to be ‘freakish’ or ‘wholly exceptional’. An example might include snow in Egypt in summer, but certainly not a heavy snowfall in winter at a ski resort.

However, if the weather causes …

  • Air traffic control to reduce flow rates

  • Air traffic control to delay a flight that then has knock on effect in regards to other flights

  • An airport to be closed

…this would be judged to be “Exceptional circumstances” and the airline would not have to pay flight delay compensation.

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