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Will airlines really pay flight delay compensation of up to £540 voluntarily?

Airlines rarely pay flight delay compensation voluntarily. 70% of our customers report that their own attempts to obtain compensation directly from the airlines are either rejected as being invalid or ignored entirely.

Our extensive experience in flight compensation cases, coupled with our legal expertise, ensures we are able to enforce your compensation claim...meaning you can't be ignored. With access to extensive historical databases of flight movements, airports and weather conditions we are able to check the excuses often provided by airlines when first approached for compensation and counter many of the arguments.

We are able to guarantee that almost all of the cases we take on will prove to be successful.

Our service at a glance

Our Service FairPlane UK
FairPlane UK are a law firm regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority)
We are based in the UK
We offer a Now Win, No Fee service
We use real time and historic flight data to help enforce your claim
We use real time and historic weather datato help enforce your claim
We will send a legal letter to the airline making your claim for compensation
We use a qualified lawyer to check all claims
We will take legal action against the airline if necessary
We insure your claim so you never face any financial risk 
There is no requirement for passengers to attend court or be involved in legal proceedings
Court fees are fully funded
You only have to pay our fees if your claim is successful


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