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Our top tips to pass the time if you suffer a flight delay | FairPlane UK / 05.08.2015

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Our top tips to pass the time if you suffer a flight delay | FairPlane UK image

  1. Find out who else is on the flight and complain about the flight delay, it may even make you feel better.

  2. Each member of your family pick a uniform colour and keep a tally of the number you see – a good game if you have children!

  3. Go and try out a massage chair. They are really very comfy, just don’t fall asleep and miss the delayed flight!

  4. Take the chance for some fantasy travel planning – pretend you could be on the next flight out, what would you do when you get there?

  5. Use the airport free Wi-Fi

  6. Surreptitiously people watch and imagine where they are going and what they do for a living. Another good game for the family.

  7. Have a nap, use your 'bag' as a pillow but set an alarm to be safe, you don’t want to miss it when your delayed flight does eventually depart.

  8. Have a wander round duty free and test out something that smells nice. When you come back, play guess the fragrance with your family.

  9. Help the children to make a mini-documentary with your phone. Take turns to do impersonations and ask other people to judge the winner.

  10. See how many people you can spot in socks and sandals – no pointing allowed or you lose a point.

  11. Use the free wi-fi (see no. 5) to add a post on Facebook about the flight delay. Friends will be sympathetic and jealous at the same time. See if any of your friends have had a longer flight delay than your one.

  12. Oh yes, if the flight delay is over 3 hours, make your flight delay compensation from the departure lounge using our delayed flight calculator. It’s quick and easy plus, if you share with other passengers, we will give you a bonus if they claim.

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