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An Irishman hoping to fly from Dublin Airport to Amsterdam was charged today with criminal damage to a plane he was attempting to board.

A ground crew member described how he saw a man suddenly appear from one of the airport buildings and race across the concourse towards the taxiing Ryanair plane.

Patrick Kehoe made it as far as the plane before police pinned him to the ground and made an arrest.

An eyewitness described Mr Kehoe as carrying a suitcase under his arm and looking "quite determined" to make his flight.

Mr Kehoe of County Wexford had no objections made to his bail and he was released to appear in court again on 8 November.

As he left the court, Mr Kehoe shouted abuse at journalists, swung his suitcase at the crowd and finally lowered his trousers to expose his backside.

A spokesman for the airport described how a male and female passenger arrived late for the Ryanair flight to Amsterdam that morning and despite attempts by staff to calm the man; he began banging on the windows and eventually made his way onto the apron in an effort to “flag the aircraft down”.

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