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A new record for our quickest flight delay compensation payout - 7 days! | FairPlane UK / 20.02.2017

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A new record for our quickest flight delay compensation payout - 7 days! | FairPlane UK image

Prior to this month, our record turnaround for a flight claim was 11 days; from receipt of the claim, to us receiving the compensation and sending the money directly to our client's bank account.

Well, we have now smashed that record and we think this will stand for some time. We received details of our clients delayed flight on the 31st January this year . Ms L was delayed on United Airlines Flight No. UA21 from Manchester to New York on the 8th November 2013.
We wrote a letter of claim to United Airlines on the 1st February. They replied with an offer of full payment on the 3rd February and made the payment straight into our account on the 7th February. We sent the payment out to our client the same day. That’s just 7 days from start to finish!

Flight delay compensation claim paid in 7 days

If you would like your flight claim paid quickly then come to the experts. We have a tough reputation and airlines know they have to pay out quickly to avoid legal proceedings. We can’t guarantee payments in 7 days, but we will do our best to get you your delayed flight compensation as soon as possible.

You can check to see if you have a claim by clicking on the 'Make a claim' button below and trying our 1 minute, no obligation check...

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