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Will robots improve Ryanair's customer service? / 03.08.2017

Will robots improve Ryanair's customer service? image

Ryanair certainly seems to think so having just unveiled their new voice-controlled booking system.

Having recently serviced its one billionth customer, the budget airline has decided to mark the occasion by improving its customer service experience with chatbots at the forefront of its latest innovation.

Using Alexa voice recognition, Ryanair customers will soon be able to search for and book flights and hotels using just their own voices.

The functionality will initially only be available on Ryanair.com, but there are already plans afoot to introduce the service to its MyRyanair app that has to date has been download by over 24 million people.

However, all of Ryanair recent publicity isn’t good, having received widespread criticism regarding its seating policy, which many believe is designed to force customers towards paying its reserved seat service, as this represents the only way that families and people flying together can be guaranteed to be seated together.

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